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I induce many emails from relations who care for to know if I take guest posts on Daily Blog Tips, and if so as to is the lawsuit, pardon? Are the guidelines. I figured so as to it would be easier to send a letter to the guidelines in a position and in the past few minutes refer each single at this point.
So the answer to the opening question is: Yes, I figure out take guest posts. Currently I broadcast two guest posts for each week, mostly on Mondays and Wednesdays. Below you will attain all the details in this area the process.
What kind of content figure out you take?

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Anything so as to is helpful pro my readers is superior content pro a guest position at this point. It can be allied to blogging, Internet marketing in wide-ranging, and it can plus be derived from your own delicate experiences. There is nix smallest part pro your position, but mostly the guest posts maintain above 400 expressions.
General Guidelines
Your position duty be creative and duty maintain in no way been in print ahead of on the Internet
You say yes to not broadcast the position anywhere as well (i.E., in your own blog or as a guest position in other blogs)
You can include single link in the byline, which will be displayed by the side of the substructure of the position

Formatting Guidelines

Please format your guest position as an HTML paper, so so as to I can version and paste it into the WordPress HTML editor.
Use H2 or H4 tags pro sub-headings.
Make certain to include the author byline by the side of the substructure, with the link to your website already formatted (do not spam keywords nearby, though).

Submission Guidelines

If you maintain a position so as to meets the guidelines beyond, you can send off it to me on the email daniel@dailyblogtips.Com. Please include the position in the body of the email itself, or as a .Doc attachment.

I check and respond to all guest position submissions twice a month, so it might take up to two weeks ahead of I induce back to you. This doesn’t mean I maintain rejected your position though, and even in lawsuit of rejection you be supposed to induce an answer from me, explaining the right mind.


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