Google recently revealed on a blog advertise with the aim of the rankings of search results on mobile policy will be affected by the optimization of websites meant for such policy. Featuring in other lexis, the more your content and website design is optimized meant for mobile policy, the privileged your location will rank meant for users on folks policy.

It makes have a feeling, when all it would be bad meant for Google to complete a search product with the aim of would be poorly visualized on the device of the user.

Here’s a passage from the article:

    Smartphone users are a sizeable and fast growing segment of Internet users, and by the side of Google we poverty them to experience the stuffed richness of the netting. The same as part of our labors to enhance the mobile netting, we in print our recommendations and the nearly everyone nothing special configuration mistakes.

    Avoiding these mistakes helps your smartphone users engage with your location fully and helps searchers achieve come again? They’re looking meant for earlier. To enhance the search experience meant for smartphone users and speak to their tenderness points, we prepare to roll dazed several level changes in the close opportunity with the aim of speak to sites with the aim of are misconfigured meant for smartphone users.

Google in addition has a sheet on developers section someplace it highlights the nearly everyone nothing special mistakes as soon as optimizing sites meant for mobile policy. They are:

    Unplayable videos
    Faulty redirects
    Smartphone-only 404s
    App download interstitials
    Irrelevant cross-linking
    Page quickness

If you are not taxing your website on mobile policy yet, well, at this point it’s a advantage point in time to find on track.