If you pay a decent a part of your day reading on the web, you most likely

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Spanish dictionary

encounter unknown words once in an exceedingly whereas. Having a wordbook extension on Firefox will speed up the method of looking the that means for such words. Below you may notice three offered solutions:

Do you know dictionary Spanish to English?

Dict: so as to use it, you would like to spotlight the word, right click thereon and choose “Define” from the menu. The that means of the word can seem on a pop-up window.

Dictionary Search: kind of like the previous extension, however the result seems on a replacement tab, and it’s supported The Free Di

Fast Dict: the foremost advanced out of the 3. This extension permits you to customize however the wordbook ought to be accessed (Alt+Click, Ctr l+Click or Shift+Click), what wordbook ought to be used (Wiktionary, The Free wordbook, Dictionary.com and so) and the way the results ought to be displayed (new window, new tab, sidebar)dictionary.

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