As several of you detected, some of weeks agone the links on the name of comment authors were faraway from this diary. Some readers emailed asking if that was owing to spam issues or what.

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In reality affirmative, it absolutely was connected with spam issues. however i used to be not simply aiming to take away the links which was it. The community we’ve got around this diary is far additional necessary to Maine than the spam issues, and that i recognize that the link to the comment author is an element of that (after all it permits alternative readers to understand what’s the web site of the comment author, and to go to it if so that they desire).So what was going on? primarily it absolutely was a thought I had a short time agone, to cut back the spam downside and improve the community facet at an equivalent time. Here is however it’d work: those that had only one or a pair of comments on the diary wouldn’t get a link on their comment author name. those that had three or additional comments, on the opposite hand, would get a dofollow link. this may combat the spam downside as a result of spammers sometimes simply leave one comment and pass on, and it’d conjointly rewards members of the community WHO comment typically by giving them some dofollow links.comment24

The first step was the take away the author link from all comments. then I got a fan of mine making an attempt to tweak the WordPress code to envision if the comment author has announce three or additional comments within the past, and if that was the case a dofollow link would seem there.The code worked, however it had one huge problem: it created posts with several comments (i.e. twenty or more) very slow to load. This happened as a result of for each comment that was loaded we wanted to perform a info check.

Long story short last week I born this concept, and over the weekend I created some changes to our comment section to form it additional user friendly.

First of all the comment author links ar back. albeit you announce a comment whereas they were turned off we’ve got recorded your web site and your links are displaying ordinarily for those posts.

Second, I actually have finally further the rib comments feature. currently you’ll reply on to any comment, and even reply to a reply (I am victimisation three levels of discussion). unsure concerning you guys however i used to be uninterested in victimisation @johndoe to reply to alternative people….

Finally, the planning has been tweaked slightly to form the comments look cleaner. as an example, I removed the quantity on every comment to form additional space for the comment text.

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Anyway, i think it’s a decent improvement as compared to what we have a tendency to had before, and it ought to foster the conversations even additional. I for one will definitely answer to additional comments currently that we’ve got the “Reply” feature operating.

P.S.- As presently as somebody leaves a comment i will be able to reply to that, therefore you’ll see however it’s.