Sometime past I started making an attempt to optimize the performance of DailyBlogTips, and through bound times of the day (i.e., peak hours) traffic was high and therefore the responsive time was pretty awful.

I started by dynamic  my cache plugin, removed supernumerary plugins and optimized the choices table, then I closed comments on older posts.

Despite that the location wasn’t loading as quick because it may, thus I started exploring what can be the problem.

By checking the computer hardware usage i noticed that my 404 pages, that I happen to serve lots for a few reason, were intense lots of resources.

When I visited see what i used to be displaying there for sure I found the problem: a few years past (i.e., three or 4) I had this idea that it’d be cool to show my whole archive of posts within the 404 pages, in order that a lost user may simply browse around. By that point I had four hundred close to posts, and therefore the web site was smaller, thus this didn’t wasn’t inflicting any server issues.

But lately I actually have near a pair of,000 posts, and therefore the traffic increase also, thus serving all those links whenever a 404 page required to be served was killing my server. I modified that to an easier 404 page containing simply a slip message and therefore the distinction was noticeable.

I know you’re in all probability not loading a pair of,000 links on your 404 pages, however even tiny script or plugin calls may cause a tangle, particularly if you get several 404 errors (this tends to happen if you’ve got lots of backlinks, as individuals usually link to the incorrect URL).

So check to create positive your 404 is lean and mean.