Until a handful of years agone most bloggers and webmasters would track the PageRank of their sites virtually religiously, and use it as credibleness on most things. A PR2 or PR3 was average. PR4 or PR5 was pretty smart. PR6 was professional level, and something on top of that was reserved for the net moguls.

Anyone Still following Google PageRank?

Every 3 months around Google would conjointly update the nominal PageRank (the one you’ll see employing a toolbar or a web service), and folks would go crazy regarding it. the oldsters UN agency saw their PR increase would celebrate and brag. those UN agency got downgraded would complain bitterly.

Cheek page rank for google pages.

Myself enclosed.

I bear in mind one update once this journal got a PR7. As you’ll be able to imagine i used to be pretty happy. regrettable it didn’t last long. On succeeding update it went right down to PR6, that i feel is that the current PR.

Anyway over the years folks started talking less and fewer regarding the PageRank of internet sites, most likely as a result of we tend to began to perceive that it had been only 1 out of many factors that affected your search rankings.

In several things it’d be arduous to check a correlation in any respect between PR and search traffic, as we tend to had cases wherever a web site lost most of its PR whereas its search traffic surged.

The last time I checked the PageRank of any of my sites was most likely 2 years agone, and that i don’t see many folks talking regarding it or regarding PageRank updates either.

So my question: Pine Tree Stateasure} we tend to finally over the PageRank hysteria? area unit you continue to following it? have you ever detected regarding any updates lately? Let me recognize what you’re thinking that with a comment below.