He WebConfs website has a very helpful slope of “Best and Worst Practices pro Designing a High Traffic Website.” Basically they collected all the major factors with the intention of might affect the search optimization of your locate, attributing a grade to them. The grade ranges from -3, which is very bad pro your locate, to +3, which is very pleasant. Below you will acquire a rapid of the generally of great magnitude factors:


Anchor text of inbound associations (+3)
Origin of inbound associations (+3)
Links from related sites (+3)
Links from .Edu and .Gov sites (+3)
Anchor text of domestic associations (+2)
Many outgoing associations (-1)
Outbound associations to bad neighbors (-3)
Cross-linking (-3)


Keyword in title tag (+3)
Keyword in URL (+3)
Keyword density in paper (+3)
Keyword in H1 and H2 headings (+3)
Keyword in the commencement of paper (+2)
Keyword in ALT tags (+2)
Keyword in Meta tags (+1)
Keyword stuffing (-3)

Meta Tags

Description Meta Tag (+1)
Keywords Meta Tag (+1)
Refresh Meta Tag (-1)


Unique content (+3)
Frequent updates (+3)
Age of content (+2)
Poor coding or design (-2)
Invisible text (-3)
Doorway pages (-3)
Duplicate content (-3)

Other factors

Site ease of understanding (+3)
Sitemap (+2)
Site size (+2)
Site age (+2)
Top-level domain (+1)
URL segment (0)
Hosting downtime (-1)
Flash (-2)
Misused Redirects (-3)