Manual to Lucid Dreaming and how you can lucid dream for beginners who wish to experience this phenomenon. Lucid dreaming is when you’re conscious during REM sleep and thereby in a position to control your own dream and make use of current lucid dream and is really a tutoral and guide to ways to lucid dream even though a person haven’t tried it before. You will find different techniques for lucid dreaming for example WILD and DILD, Wake started lucid dreaming and dream caused lucid dreaming. this video will highlight both techniques and also how hearing Gamma wave binaural beats or even brainwaves, may help you experience articulate dreaming as scientific research show how the prefrontal cortex of the mind is active during lucid fantasizing.
Be aware that wake induced lucid dreaming may cause sleep paralysis as your is slowly falling asleep as the mind stays awake and conscious… this is quite normal but could be a bit frightening experience as sleep paralysis causes hallucinations when you are slowly slipping into the desire.
So if you want to test lucid dreaming, watch this post and feel liberated to share you experiences in the actual comments field below!

“lucid dreaming -what is it & why you should learn to do it”