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101+ Sites to Download All Sorts of Things

These days you can come across all sorts of things online, from audio books to flare annals, from sound sound effects to CSS templates. Below we compiled a make a list with greater than 100 download sites with the purpose of go through with the purpose of drive.

We will plus try to keep the make a list updated, so if your favorite download position is not now, accede to us know all but it with a comment.
Audio Books

Librivox: One of the the majority all the rage audio libraries on the complication. The LibriVox volunteers make a recording books with the purpose of are in the in the public domain domain and free them on behalf of free of charge.

Podiobooks:  Similar to podcast, Podiobooks are sequential audiobooks with the purpose of are dispersed through RSS feeds. You can receive report episodes or download unswervingly from the position.

Oculture (Audio & Podcast):  Offers a rich array of learning and cultural media. The position editor scours through the complication to come across the unsurpassed cultural and learning media open.

Learn Out Loud: A one-stop destination on behalf of film and audio learning income. You can browse through greater than 15,000 learning audio books MP3 downloads, podcasts, and videos. The position plus contains various free of charge income.

The Pirate Bay: The web’s main collection of small piece torrent trackers. The Pirate Bay banks on its appendage troop sharers to cull the web’s torrent annals and promote to these open to users.

Mininova.Org : What happening as an alternative to the instantly dead Supernova with the purpose of went offline in 2004, Mininova has befall the biggest torrent search engine and directory on the complication. The position provides easy-to-use directory and search on behalf of all types of torrent annals.

Torrent Portal : This P2P and troop sharing position factory like Google by linking simply to .Torrent metafiles and captures the caches of individuals annals. It does not stockpile annals nor sign over data which are content linked to by .Torrent annals.

Now Torrents: The position scans torrent websites on the internet to provide the unsurpassed results to users. Now Torrents provides an far along real-time search engine on behalf of bit-torrents while next to the same detecting and removing fake or inert torrent sites.

Torrentz: This Sweden-based torrent meta-search engine plus indexes various major torrents sites counting Mininova, The Pirate Bay and Demonoid. It provides various trackers for each torrent with the purpose of would effect what time any more tail is not working.
Books and Documents

Scribd: A virtual place somewhere you can advertise, discover, discuss, and share real thing writings and write down. With 50 million unique summon views for each month, Scribd is a groovy place to ascertain novel things.

Sheet Music Archive: The web’s the majority all the rage composition complication position.  The position contains more than 22,000 classical composition pieces and more than 100,000 sheet of composition. It offers hundreds of free of charge composition downloads and more on behalf of subscriptions.

Computer Books.Us: The position offers lofty quality supercomputer allied books on behalf of free of charge download. These supercomputer books are all officially dispersed and their authors partake of granted permissions on behalf of the position to distribute their factory.

Docstoc: This is your ultimate resource on behalf of free of charge officially permitted and problem credentials. Docstoc does not simply allow you to download credentials on behalf of free of charge but it plus lets you upload and share your own credentials.

Tech Books on behalf of Free Download: If you’re looking on behalf of free of charge books on Java, Perl/Phyton or other supercomputer encoding allied books, this position might be of help. It offers books top expertise subjects on behalf of free of charge download.

Project Gutenberg: The the majority ample storage area of ebooks on the complication. Project Gutenberg was built by volunteers and instantly houses more than 27,000 titles of ebooks in its record.

Free eMagazine Download – covers a ample collection of free of charge emagazines on behalf of free of charge download.

KnowFree: The position offers a virtual place to switch ebooks without stinting., film training, and other learning supplies . Know Free skin tone a very trivial search engine which enables users to search on behalf of a actual materias fast.

Spotbit:  Providing a paperless solution to publishing and on behalf of advertising e-books, Spotbit makes e-book open in a unlike digital format than could you repeat that? Is open on the complication lately. Spotbit offers a clean Digital Rights Management (DRM) expertise on behalf of E-books format.

Ebookshare: Provides link to either an e-books torrent annals or nonstop download to the troop itself.  E-books are categorized into broader business and the position has a trivial search engine to aid you in sentence the e-book you wish for.

Ebookee: A free of charge report search engine. Ebookee helps you in sentence e-book titles with the purpose of you are particularly looking on behalf of.  The E-books listed on the position are sensible in universal business categories.

alf of the serious geeks. It hosts the the majority ample collection of supercomputer utilities open on the complication.

Brothersoft: The position offers more than 100,000 software on behalf of free of charge download. Brothersoft does not simply offer free of charge software download but plus in detail evaluate all the software submitted to them.
Flash Files

Ffiles: The web’s richest storage area of free of charge Flash Files. Ffiles contains Flash annals which you can download without stinting. It plus allows you to upload your own Flash annals with the purpose of you wish for to share with other users.

Flash Kit:  If you’re a flare developer, Flash Kit is the position on behalf of you. It’s the ultimate online resource on behalf of Macromedia Flash development.

Flash Den: This position contains everything with the purpose of you need on behalf of your Adobe lash project.  You can acquisition preloaders, templates and other things you need to lacquer your project. And the majority of these Flash components market on behalf of as low as $1.

Dafont: If you’re looking on behalf of a quantity of cool fonts to spend on behalf of whatever purposes, you might probably pick up solitary or two font method next to this position. Dafont offers without stinting downloadable fonts. You can browse fonts by author, by method or by popularity.

1001 Free Fonts: This position has a sizeable collection of TrueType fonts which are either freeware or shareware. 1001 Free Fonts offers free of charge fonts on behalf of both Windows and Mac platforms.

Download Free Fonts: A simply designed online resource on behalf of thousands of free of charge fonts. Download Free Fonts contains free of charge fonts on behalf of Windows and Mac. You can spend the site’s search box to come across the font you are specifically looking on behalf of or browse through the font categories.

Show Font: The position lets you download fonts on behalf of free of charge. Show Font contains TrueType fonts on behalf of both PC and MAC. It plus provides font editor and font management tools.

FontStruct: Aside from offering without stinting downloadable fonts, Fonstruct plus has a font editor and font management applications open online. FontStruct lets you build fonts, share it with others and download fonts made by other populace as well.

Liberated Games: This is a clean record position offering free of charge downloads of officially open games. It’s a straight-out record of these unlike games counting their download relatives.

NDS-ROMS: This is a heaven sent position on behalf of NDS gamers. NDS-ROMs offer free of charge downloads of publicly open ROMs.

Iwin:  The Internet’s main selection of free of charge game downloads. You can select to occupy yourself games in the  all the rage categories.

Donwload Full Version PC Games: This is a blog position containing 100 unsurpassed officially permitted, free of charge, and inclusive version of games. The position covers free of charge conflict games, free of charge conflict games and 3rd person games.

Abandonia:  If you’re up on behalf of a quantity of well brought-up old DOS-based gaming experience, Abandonia possibly will partake of individuals games. Abandonia offers DOS games which partake of been abandoned on behalf of so long.

Best of Games: The position offers various old games and certainly has many of them on the position. Best of all, Best of games offers these games on behalf of free of charge download.

Free Games – A search engine on behalf of free of charge games with the purpose of can be played online or downloaded to your zombie. It plus covers cheat codes.

ZML: One of the Internet’s the majority handy download service. ZML offers renovate subscriptions and lets you come across not at home all but current movies by subscribing  to ZML.

Free Documentaries: Offer free of charge Streaming Independent Documentary Films, Environment Documentary, Israel, Palestine, War, George shrub, Afghanistan, Iraq, 9/11, Globalization, Media,  and more.

Moving Image Archive: A ample documents of  free of charge movies, films, and videos uploaded by the position users.  Moving images include full-length films, news broadcasts, cartoons and concerts. Not all of the videos are free of charge to download though.

EMusic: The world’s biggest online retailer of on your own composition and audio books. EMusic holds more than 40,000 on your own labels and almost 5,000 titles of audio books from top publishers.

Jazz on Line:  The web’s the majority ample online income of digitalized Jazz composition. Jazz on Line hosts simply songs which are in in the public domain domain.

Jimmyr: A search engine on behalf of mp3 composition and other digital annals. Jimmyr crawls through the various mp3 income open on the complication using Google Custom Search Engine.

Music Download: The ultimate source on behalf of officially open and without stinting downloadable digital composition on the Internet. It’s from Cnet.Com, so you are pretty certain with the purpose of the majority of the annals are safe to download.

BeeMP3: A composition search engine handy on behalf of sentence mp3-audio annals open on the complication. BeeMP3 at this time indexes around 800,000 mp3 annals.

Download Any Stuff: A digital troop search engine with the purpose of provides download relatives to free of charge stuff greater than the Internet. Download Any Stuff lets you search on behalf of MP3 annals, softwares, drivers, games, movies, ebooks, even Torrents and more.

Skreemr: Another composition search engine with the purpose of you can spend to locate audio annals open on the complication. Skreemr at this time indexes and crawls more than 6 million mp3 annals from 100,000 complication sites.

ILike: A social composition discover position with the purpose of allows you not simply to discover composition playlists open on the complication but plus to share your own playlists to the earth. ILike plus relatives to iTunes and Amazon composition provisions.

EMP3 World: A free of charge mp3 download position. EMP3 World at this time holds around 85,000 mp3 download relatives on its list.

Jamendo/: An online identity of free of charge, officially permitted and indefinite digital composition content. Jamendo offers simply individuals composition which partake of been certified under Creative playground. The position lets you share your own composition and create your own widget playlists which you can embed to your position or social networking profiles.
Online Video

Vixy:An online film converter with the purpose of you can spend to convert a Flash film / FLV troop or YouTube videos to MPEG4 format. Vixy uses a compressed domain transcoder expertise. You can enter a YouTube link to partake of it converted into MPEG4 online.

Keepvid: The position lets you download streaming videos from YouTube, Putfile, Metacafe and other film streaming sites. After downloading you need to convert it into any more format depending on could you repeat that? Media player you are using. Or you can spend FLV’s own media player as an alternative.

Javimoya: Another well brought-up film downloader position. Javimoya wires many film streaming sites counting YouTube, Metacafe, MySpace Music, and more.
VideoDownloadx: The position allows you to download videos from YouTube and save these videos to your PC. You plus need to download an FLV player to watch the videos from your indigenous relentlessly drive or convert the troop into other formats with the purpose of can be read by your media player software.

Download YouTube Videos as mp4 Files: This blog pillar gives a detailed tutoring on how to download videos unswervingly from YouTube in mp4 format. No need to spend a third-party position to scrape the film sour from YouTube.

Kiss YouTube: Offers an unproblematic and clean way of downloading and saving YouTube film unswervingly to your supercomputer. You can enter the URL of the film on the Kiss You Tube position, or add the word “kiss” on the URL of the YouTube film to download the troop. Either way, you will still download the troop from the Kiss You Tube position itself.

Wowio: The position lets you access officially open high-quality e-books. Wowio lets you read complete books online on behalf of free of charge. If you wish for to download the PDF versions, Wowio charges a least fee.

Internet Archive – With the point toward of building an Internet Library, this position skin tone texts, audio, heartrending images, and software as well as archived complication pages in its  collections.

Open Clip skill Library:   The position is an ongoing project to create an archive of user contributed list of clip art with the purpose of can used without stinting. Open Clip skill Library upholds the Creative playground and encourages users to participate in generating contents.

WP Clipart: Offers more than 29000 in the public domain domain clip art images which were designed specifically on behalf of spend with Word Processors. WP Clipart provides thousands of color graphic clips, illustrations, photographs and black and white line art in lossless, PNG format.

Clker:  The position offers payment free of charge clip art in SVG, ODG and PNG format which are in in the public domain domain. It lets you with no trouble embed these images in openoffice credentials.

Clipart.Com: The web’s main collection of royalty-free clipart, vinyl-ready images, photos, complication graphics, fonts, illustrations, and sounds. Clipart offers paid subscription to its list containing 10 million+ professional-quality images in various formats counting .EPS, .JPG, .PNG, and .WMF.
Download Hubs

Softpedia:  The position contains more than 500,000 sofware programs Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac, mobile phone Phones, Games and Drivers. Some of software programs in Softpedia are freeware while a quantity of are shareware.

Download.Com: Cnet’s the majority ample documents of freeware offers free of charge download.  Download.Com contains tons of Windows software ranging from security software, digital photo software, learning software and more.

Open Source Mac:  A handy reference and handy tools with the purpose of encourages users to operate free of charge and open-source software..  Open Source Mac offers a clean make a list of  the unsurpassed and free of charge software on behalf of the Mac OS X.

Free Downloads Center: Hosts a collection of free of charge software, games and other desktop goodies which you can download on behalf of free of charge. Free Downloads Center plus offers a Give Away of the Day certified software which you can download at some stage in the sunlight hours simply.

Tucows: The web’s real thing software download position. Tucows contains more than 40,000 software titles which are freeware or shareware.

Phazeddl: Hosts download warez, games, torrents, movies, software, apps, scripts, tube shows, ebooks, templates as well as key-gen of crack softwares.

A+Freeware:  The position offers amount applications or “A+Freeware” which befall handy simply what time combined with a legal operating technique. A+Freeware lets you move copies of software on behalf of free of charge.

Best Freeware Download: A free of charge wares position which allows you to register and save relatives on the site’s appendage story areas. Best Freeware Download is categorized into e-mail desktop and games. Gamers would absolutely wish for to check this position from moment to moment to check on novel freewares to be added.

Free Ware Box: The position offers categorized extraction of freeware software. Freeware Box contains exposed source software, in the public domain domain and other types of free of charge software, all open on behalf of free of charge download.

Freeware Zoom:  This position offers freeware on behalf of free of charge download. Freeware Zoom is updated day after day and it contains veto adware or spyware.

File Hippo:  The position has huge numeral of freeware, presentation and shareware programs which are of lofty quality. File Hippo puts a premium on quality software pretty than quantity. Hence the position offers simply the unsurpassed software.

Windows Downloads: Download.Com’s Windows-only software download position offers softwre which were tested to be 100%  free of charge of malware.

Foremost Geeks: Offers simply the serious software inescapable on beh

Download YouTube Videos: This position lets you download YouTube videos sooner and easier. You moral nee to enter the YouTube URL of the videos with the purpose of you wish for to download

KeepHD – lets you download HD videos sour Youtube. It plus lets download the mobile 3GP version on behalf of your mobile campaign plus the standard MP4 and FLV format.
Photoshop and Design

Deviant skill Photoshop Brushes: A collection of artsy paintshop brushes used by Deviant skill members. You can download the paint brushes or share it to other populace.

Adobe Market Place and Exchange: Adobe’s online resource containing tools, services, and innovations involving to Adobe’s various products. The position plus accede to you discover Adobe AIR runtime applications.

Pixel Chick: Offers both free of charge and paid Photoshop brushes with the purpose of are compatible with CS2 and CS3.

Vecteezy: Serves as an alphabetical listing of free of charge vector graphics with the purpose of are open on behalf of download from the complication. Vecteezy’s vector graphics were bent by famous designers.

Busheezy: A gigantic collection of free of charge Photoshop brushes and patterns. Busheezy is updated day after day and plus accepts submission of Photoshop brushes from online users.

Vector 4 Free: A free of charge vector graphics position on behalf of Adobe Illustrator AI, EPS, PDF, SVG, and Corel Draw CDR. All the vector graphics  are free of charge on behalf of not public and saleable spend.

Get Brushes: A directory of brushes personally handpicked by the position owners. Get Brushes contains various brushes counting greater than abstract and text, gothic, coffee pills and more.

Q Vectors: The position offers free of charge high-quality vector images and graphics. Q Vector plus accepts user submissions.

Archive 3D: Host more than 17,000 3D graphics representation. Archive 3D models ranges from Beds,Shkaps, Chairs,Tables,Sofa, Sanitary Ware, Decoration, NVAC, Tools, and more.

Vectormix – This position has a well brought-up collection of vector graphics submitted by users and arre free of charge to download.
Sound Effects

Soundsnap: A documents of more than 100, 000 high-quality sound effect and composition loops. Soundsnap offers 5 free of charge downloads for each month, subsequently which you need to recompense a Pro membership to download more annals.

FindSounds: A handy sound and sound sound effects search engine. FindSounds offers sound directory, keyword search and sonic similarity search functions.

Partners in Rhyme: The position offers payment free of charge composition featured in Films, tube, Video and Websites. Partners in Rhyme plus offers free of charge composition loops, midi annals and audio software.

Stone Washed: An online resource on behalf of free of charge sound sound effects, loops, button sounds and other multimedia annals. Stone Washed offers various categories counting sound sound effects, monster sounds, acquisition not at home composition and more.
Stock Photos

Stock.Xchng: One of the web’s leading typical photography position. Stock.Xchng offers a inclusive gallery of high-quality typical photos  open on behalf of free of charge download or on behalf of sharing on blogs, social networks and other sites.

Free Digital Photos: Contains thousands of payment free of charge photos open on behalf of download and can be used on behalf of saleable or non-commercial purposes. Free Digial Photos does not require registration to download typical photos from their position.

Morgue File: The position provides high-resolution typical photography images on behalf of free of charge not considering of whether the photos will be used on behalf of corporate or not public spend. Morgue File is the place to keep pillar production supplies.

123RF –  The position offers a day after day dose of free of charge high-quality images aside from the paid typical images with the purpose of it sells.
System utilities

Open Drivers: A free of charge driver download service. Open Drivers is categorized by device type and driver manufacturer. It plus includes step-by-step process to install and uninstall the drivers.

DLL Files: A very handy position on behalf of users who keeps on getting the missing DLL punctual from the zombie. DLL Files contains a ample databased of dll-files with the purpose of you might perhaps need.

Download 3K: A gigantic archive of free of charge and free-to-try software programs and games on behalf of Windows. Download 3K is sort into 15 most important categories and the position is updated with around 300 software everyday.

Free Codecs: The ultimate resource on behalf of all types of codecs open online. Free Codecs offers film codecs, audio codecs, codec packs, codec tools and more.

Open Office: Home of the free of charge open-source department software suite. Open Office contains word doling out, spreadsheets, list, presentations, graphics, and more.
Web Design

Open Source Web Design: A collection of complication designs submitted by the identity members. Open Source Web Design offers free of charge complication design on behalf of download with the purpose of can be used on behalf of not public blogs to a full-featured content management systems on behalf of businesses.

Free CSS Templates:The position offers principles compliant CSS templates on behalf of free of charge. Users are free of charge to spend the templates on behalf of not public or problem purposes.

Template World: Offers top quality, creative and unique complication position templates bent by certified complication professionals.

Iconspedia: The position offers free of charge icons download. Iconspedia are arranged in various categories counting animals, food and phones.

Free Icons Web: The position contains 15000 lofty quality icons on behalf of free of charge downloads. Free Icons Web contains icons on behalf of Windows XP, Vista, Macintosh, and Linux. Icons are on behalf of not public spend simply. Commercial users partake of to recompense a firm amount of payment.
1000+ Classic Icons on behalf of Free Download: Probably the unsurpassed

collection of free of charge icons open online. Icons are in png, icns, ico-formats as well as .EPS vector annals.

Spotbit: The position allows you to advertise and market e-books using a fast, unproblematic and free of charge method. Spotbit lets you create your e-books and available it on Spotbit.

Smashing Magazine’s 40 Professional Icon Sets on behalf of Free Download: A make a list of 40 high-quality pro icons on behalf of desktops and complication design which are all free of charge on behalf of download. The icons can be used on behalf of not public and saleable purposes.

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